Sunday, March 27, 2011


I had forgotten what we were told last time we adopted about tipping over here. It's kind of good to know when you go and pay the bill, what is expected. Especially since you will probably frequent certain restaurants that you are comfortable with.
I guess the bottom line is that tipping is not expected, 15% is normal when you do tip.

Doesn't really make sense, but it gives you a guideline. But let me tell you, I enjoy tipping over here. It is a great chance to really bless someone, and make their day, with only a couple dollars. We tipped the girl almost 20% at one of the nicer resaurants here. We sat at her table a long time, using our computer, and we ordered refills on our "colas" GASP she was super sweet and patient.
The girl blushed so hard when she saw her tip! Made my day!

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  1. That's right - there's no free refills there! Do look at your receipts, as sometimes I think they do add a tip on there. But even so, it's nice to be able to bless others :-)