Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Court Tomorrow!

We have court tomorrow! Thursday at 2pm.
I'm feeling very emotional tonight as I realize tomorrow I will be given a precious gift from God, to be entrusted to be Alanna's Mommy.
Whew, and how the heck did I become a mother of 4?!? Hehe, just kiddin, kind of!
The plan as of now is to have court tomorrow. Then Friday will be Gotcha Day. They encouraged us to wait out the weekend, but we are really eager to get back to the capitol city where we can walk everywhere and not have to pay a driver to go every little place. Our region is wonderful don't get me wrong, but boredom takes it's toll!
I'm sorry I have no new pics to share. She has been sleeping through most of our visits, I think they fall during nap time and then with the time change here this past weekend it has really done her in.


  1. Yay!!!!! Does that mean we get to meet Alanna!?

  2. Hope court went well! Praying the 10 days was waived and you're starting your paper chase to get sweet baby girl home!

  3. Can't wait until gotcha day for you!!

    Will pray for you during Court time!


  4. Praying all goes well. I just love the newest addition to your family!

  5. Hi, my name is Genesis. I'm 11 years old and my family is in the process of adopting 2 boys ('Gavin' and 'Tristan') from Eastern Europe through Reece's Rainbow. I was wondering if I could use a picture of your newest little one for a down syndrome awareness video I'm making.

    P.S. I love your blog! And your little girl is so cute!

  6. We are heading to Kirovograd in a couple of weeks. Could you please email me so I can pick your brain. I would love to have our 10 day wait also waived. Thanks.