Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do Something Specific-Caution Truth Ahead

I am calling my friends and family to do something, it doesn't have to be big, The great thing about doing something small is that when enough people do it, it ends up being BIG!!
The truth is most people don't want to know the truth. There are children dying. There is noone to take care of them, their countries are poor, we are rich, You may not think you are rich, trust me, if you are reading this you are rich. And if you're like me and most Americans you are spoiled. Children are helpless. When they are put into a crib for so long that their body is bent and stiffened, they are helpless. When they are put into a mental institution at the age of 4, they are helpless. When there is not enough food, they are helpless. When there is noone to change them out of their own excriment, they are helpless. And you can help, don't tell me that you can't.

To tell you the truth I'm feeling a little angry. First off Gary and I never set out to save a children, we don't feel like we have saved Anastasia, and we don't feel like we are saving Ella. However, the fact is if Anastasia was still where she came from, she would be in an institution. With no hope. I think maybe when I say institution you are picturing something a little different than what the reality is.Maybe you are picturing a playground, I mean, it might be an institution, but they are children right? My children like playgrounds.

I'm not being dramatic. This is an actual playground, at an institution, where a dear fellow adoptive parent rescued her 6 year old son. You would not believe what this family went through to bring their child home, it is not normal practice to adopt from the institutions. Normally that means the end of hope for finding a family. Can you imagine the end of hope looking like this?

No? This is a beautiful child of God. And if you want to read how God softened hearts and moved mountains to get him here, go read here

His mother now has a passion like noone else for the lost boys. She has seen what you and I cannot imagine. What we think just does not exist, it couldn't, right?

So, what am asking of you in specific? Help save a Lost Boy. Actually my prayer is that his Mommy and Daddy can get to him before he is sent to the institution. He has turned 5, they are traditionally sent at 4. Some of the baby homes will hold on to them as long as they can, can you blame them? They are helpless.
This is Brian, Oh bestill my heart, he is precious. My heart wrenches at the thought of him in that institution. And that is where he will be if his parents don't get there quickly. Why is it Brian that pulls on my heart to badly? Because he is in the same baby home with our Ella. They may play together. They may eat together. When we were chosen for Ella, my heart cried for Brian, I wondered "why were we not chosen for him" He is so close to becoming lost.
The picture above is where he will go. To join that group of lost boys. One so small that the caregiver has to hold his hand so he doesn't wander away to explore. And some to big, they look like grown men, well they are.
Do you see that tiny boy holding the woman's hand in the back of the  line? That was Brian's buddy, he was lost, sent to the insitution. He was lifted up in prayer, by people who would not forget, and people gave, because they could feel and know the realness of this. That is Brady, and his Momma has found him, he will not be lost anymore. I don't want Brian to take his place, I don't want him ever to be lost.

Still does not seem real to you? Do you know me personally? Do you Anastasia? She would have been lost. Did she not deserve better, would she not have been worth it?

So very specifically I ask you to go here to Brian's Momma's blog.
Go to the chip on the right that says "For Paperwork" pray about what you can give, and do it.
Brian's family needs the money to get a very important piece of paperwork taken care of, the process is halted until they can mail that in. Minutes are hours, and days are years for Brian.
                    **Please when making donations make sure to go to the one that says "paperwork" the other chip in is for money that can only be used when they travel to get their boy**

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We got word several days ago, on my husband's birthday, that our Ella is clear for international adoption!!!
And (country) is reopening for submissions the second week in Feb!! Of course that is pending all the crazy votes that are happening. But I have a good feeling, We are slotted to submit our paperwork Feb 10th, yippee!!
So, of course everyone's next question is when do you get her?
1. We submit our paperwork, God willing, Feb 10th
2. Wait for a travel date, it is usual to receive your travel date 2-3 weeks after you submit
3. The travel date is usually 2-3 later
So, best case scenario we would travel in March, have her home in April
To say we are excited is an understatement!