Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In 12 days.....

We are leaving for you-know-where!! We are so excited. And running around like crazies trying to get everything ready! Whew lots to do. When you only have a month to prepare for the arrival of a baby!
Oh, and for you adoptive mommy's looking for timelines, We were submitted on Feb 17th and our SDA appt is March 17th. We will leave here on the 14th, so that we can be there by the 15th, in case of any delays in flights, better safe than sorry.


  1. How exciting! The time is going to fly by! How many trips do you have to do?

  2. I'm assuming you are a "U" family???? we are too.... let me know.... I just found your blog.
    Shea's mama soon to be...

  3. Congrats, Cara. Hope to follow you soon:) Praying we're submitted tomorrow:)

    So happy for you all!! Following your every step!! Keep Smiling