Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 3 in Region

Yes, I'm running a day behind. We had great visits on Wednesday. Everyday we visit from 9-10 and
1-3. We could tell she was somewhat sleepy. I mean just imagine she has never had so much one on one attention in her life.
So, I think I mentioned she can pretty much sit up, falls over once in a while (we catch her)
I have layed her on her belly and she pushes up on her hands and looks around. I thought that was pretty good, we really weren't even expecting her to be able to sit up. Yesterday I put her on her belly away from her toys, and the girl army crawled to them, FAST!! And she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.
She has a pincher grip with her right hand, not her left though, that I've seen.
She puts weight on her legs and will stand with us holding her hands.
She leans in for kisses now. I do this thing where I make a sound with my lips then I give her rasperries on her neck. She loves it! Now when I make the noise she tilts her head to the side and just waits.

She truly is amazing. What child spends their life in an orphanage from the time they are a month old and has hardly and delays? Determined she is! Yes I know that will probably get her into some mischeif later on.
And yes I let Gary hold her..... for a little bit


  1. Oh my! She couldn't be any cuter!!

  2. She really is cute.
    How old is she?
    Have you looked at the size of clothing she is wearing?
    I assume she is around 6-9 months since she is just learning to sit and crawl but yet her pictures look like she is a 2-3yrs old. maybe it is just the pictures on the computer that is making her look so BIG.

    However she really is so cute!