Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 Days!

Not that I'm counting. We are spending our days nesting, Getting ready for a baby and a long trip, And soaking in our kiddos, we are going to miss them like crazy. Alanna is getting some great older siblings, and man are they excited. I do however want to apologize ahead of time for the fact that her brothers immediately decided that "Alanna the Pirana" is soooo funny, and it rhymes and they say like hundred times a day. They are 7 and 10, so they will not forget, I'm sorry but it will probably stick.

Everything has come together. When we first decided to start this journey we doubted our ability to gather money, childcare, etc... Well, it has all come together! Our friends and family are awesome. Some of them may still feel apprehensive, and although that saddens me, I cannot wait to see them fall in love with our Alanna!

1 comment:

  1. You are soooo close!!! In a week from now you'll be tying up loose ends and getting ready to fly!! So exciting!!

    That nickname is too funny! But it will probably help people to pronounce her name right. My 7 year old came up with "how are ya, Darya?" and now he has a cute little song to go with it.