Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Shoot

Reeces Rainbow wanted a recent picture of my pumpkin pie (my son Cooper says I need to stop calling her that because she is going to think I'm going to eat her!
So, I put her in a cute outfit I had bought before we even brought her home and tried to take some pictures. She was not feeling well, and was not cooperating. Really, a 19 month old not ready and willing to perfectly pose for the camera??!! But I love capturing even her cranky moods.
Here are a couple of my favorites:


  1. She is just beautiful. So glad she's adapting so well now, too. So great to hear.

  2. Is it terrible that the crying photo is my favorite? Oh she looks so darn cute!


  3. OH, the cuteness! I could eat her with a spoon!

  4. What a cutie! Loved her dress too.

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adopiton Ministry