Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Posts Galore!

So, I have not been the best blogger this go around. I really have not explained how this whole thing is going to work.
We are almost done with all paperwork on our end, well, we are done, pending our translator reviewing our documents for mistakes, so see if we have an do-overs!
From there we are only waiting on our 171, that is from INS, it is our official approval to adopt and bring and orphan into the states. They have recently redone the system and are backlogged. They have had our application for 4.5 weeks and we are not even assigned an officer as of this morning. Ugh
The country we are adopting from does closes down for adoptions sometime in November. We NEED that INS approval, we cannot move forward without it. I have contacted a senator's office immigration liason for help, not sure if he'll answer my email, if not, then I will call.
Assuming we get that done in time to submit our dossier to our country by their closing date in November. Then we mail it over there, our facilitator submits it to the SDA office there, then anywhere from 2-4 weeks later we are given a travel date for anywhere from 2-4 weeks later (that's the "norm")
So WHEN, you keep asking, I dunno!!
I am not a patient person, so trust me this is painful. God's timing is always perfect I keep reminding myself.
Once we are over there we go to our SDA appt., recieve our official referral, then travel to where Ella is to meet her. We will have daily visits with her, while waiting for our court date, which "averages" 2.5 weeks after getting there. After court there is a 10 day waiting period, then traveling to the capitol of that country to get more paperwork done, then come home. We  plan on coming home directly after court, then probably just myself going back for the second trip.

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