Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Cost Breakdown

I have not felt lead to post this till now. We will be fundraising in a more proactive way soon.
This is our projected cost breakdown:
What is the cost breakdown?
UP TO $24k for one child
Breakdown: (ROUGH estimates)

$700 homestudy update PAID
8/17           $100   mailing 1st set of docs PAID
8/28           $830 USCIS,i-600a and fingerprinting PAID

$3000 flights first trip
$3000 flights second trip
$8600 facilitator fees
$1700 first trip lodging ($80/nt 3 weeks)
$1100 second trip lodging ($80/nt 2 weeks)
$450 first trip food/other supplies ($20/day 3 weeks)
$250 second trip food/other supplies ($20/day 2 weeks)
$600 passport
$550 Visa and Medical
$2000 transportation (in country)
$1000 orphanage donation/dossier preparation costs

Still need to pay 22,250

By keeping a tight budget we have been able to pay for our costs so far out of hubby's paychecks. That is something that God has always gifted me with, I can save money when needed. I drive my husband crazy with it too I think. There is no Starbucks, no hair appointments, no pedicures, etc...
We have been blessed with some very generous donations. Our FSP account with Reece's Rainbow has 531.00 in it, wahoo!!
Stay tuned for some upcoming fundraisers. And if your willing to skip a Starbuck, a lunch out, etc... to help bring Ella home, then click on our Ella Button to the right and you can make a tax deductible donation to Reeces Rainbow into our account!!

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