Saturday, September 18, 2010

A laugh or a cry

There is nothing exciting going on here. But if you would like a good laugh or a good cry, I direct you to this blog
They are in EE, they just successfully adopted a beautiful boy who happens to have arthrogryposis. They adopted him despite the fact that he is in an institution. In this country children with special needs are sent to an institution at the age of 4, some orphanagaes are able to hold onto them till 5. The Nalle family have not had a traditional journey due to the fact that Aaron is not only in an institution, but that there has never been an adoption out of this region. The Nalle's had to go through a court session that was grueling, and it ended with the judge saying "If God led you to adopt this child, then God led me to decide in your favor"
Both Julia and Rob are excellent writers. I read their blog and I laugh and cry. I have said that never before have I felt closer to God than during adoption. Getting pregnant can happen on "accident" God has to move mountains for a lot of these children to find homes. His presence can easily be seen, but that does mean that the journey is easy!

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