Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teaching her to laugh

The poor baby did not know how to laugh when we met her. Nothing we did could make her laugh. When we tickled her she would scream, like a "Oh my goodness what in the world was that" at the top of her lungs scream. Then she progressed to like a happy sigh grunt thing. Over the past week I would hear her at times kind of laughing, almost like she was practicing, the kind of laugh that sounds like a machine gun trying to clear it's throat. And when we tickled her she would no longer scream instead we would get half a laugh, then she would tense up and no longer be ticklish.
Same goes for the smile. She never smiled when we met her. Then there were certain things we could do to make her smile, like caress her cheek. But NEVER just a smile that wasn't provoked by something physical.
Now, she smiles! In the morning when I go over to her crib. When I pick her up. When I give her kisses. When she sees the dog coming over to play with her. And today, I can say she was laughing. When I made the tickle sound and she would see my hands coming I would get a big smile and some "laughing" still not totally natural sounding, but laughing.

Makes my day, every single time.


  1. Oh, these pics brought tears to my eyes! She's absolutely beautiful and that smile is amazing. The bottom pic just radiates pure sweet lil baby happiness!! <3

  2. Wow. So happy to see that smile!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. So adorable. Took my baby quite a while to laugh.

  4. She is too cute! Soon she will be all smiles...I'm sure. ;o)