Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gotcha Day

Sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday, busy taking care of my girl!
Gotcha day went smoothly. We went and picked up her birth certificate. Then went to the bank to shut down her government assistance account that all orphans with special needs recieved. The money is donated to the orphanage by us, and this particular orphanage likes to go with the parents to purchase things directly for the orphanage. Which is nice to know the money is going to the proper place. Someone from the orphanage went with us, and basically she shopped and we paid. We bought some shoes, and over 1,000 in towels and sheets.
Then we went and got our girl! We changed her clothes and got her schedule, for sleeping and eating, and her medical run down again, signed some papers, etc.... They leave the orphanage with nothing, not even a clean diaper. We changed her clothes and several people came in to say their goodbyes. We had our translator ask if we could see her group room, and at first they said yes, then they said no. Very frustrating to have never seen where your daughter lived, but OK.
She is a sweet angel baby. She seems to struggle with some reflux, she doesn't cry about it, it just comes back up!
She doesn't seem to like the baby food or rice cereal we brought. But she ate some of my chicken and mashed potatoes at lunch and she drinks milk from a bottle.

We made the racecar drive back to the capitol city today. It was a crazy drive, but we trusted our driver.


  1. Congratulations to you and your family, Cara!

  2. With the reflux, she may prefer foods that are thicker. You could try mixing the baby food and the cereal to make it thicker! :)

  3. Enough with the driving!!!! You're scaring me :)

  4. She's absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!! :)

  5. She looks beautiful!

    Praying for a safe and smooth trip home for all of you!

    Carla -adopting Henry in 41!

  6. She is so cute.
    How is she doing? has she had any periods of crying or grieving from being out of her old comfort zone?
    How is she sleeping?

    Please post more pictures.