Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving on Up

Our Thermometer that is...
So far we have made 350.00 with T-shirt sales, but I ordered extras and intend to make more than that.
We had some generous people donate in addition to buying T-shirts, or donating instead of buying T-shirts, adding 160.00!
AND we were able to save 500.00 out of our paychecks this month.

All that narrows the gap by .... $1010.00!!

Making the amount we still need


I'd like to add that the 350.00 in T-shirts sales, reflects the fact that I already paid the bill to the T-shirt company. My goal on the T-shirt sales is 1,000.00 So we only need to sell 26 more shirts to make that happen. Because from here on out the T-shirts are all profit, since I paid the bill out of our sales.


  1. Cara, I want a tshirt or maybe more... Please email me at because I'm going crazy with dossier stuff and I'll forget to get back to you in the NEAR future. Thanks!!1

  2. I found your blog through Reece's Rainbow, and I'm so glad that I did. I have a sister with Down syndrome, and I have a heart for kids with special needs and adoption. I have felt called to adopt from Reece's Rainbow(but can't now because I'm single and only 18). I have wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome, but saw a little boy who appeared to have CP last weekend and it kind of changed my heart. I am not totally set on just Down syndrome. So I was looking through kids with CP on RR and fell in love with "Dawn". I am so glad to see that she is being adopted. She is beautiful! I will be praying for you through this journey <3 God bless you!